Are You Financially Prepared to Care For an Aging Spouse or Parent?

If you were instantly financially responsible for your aging spouse’s or parent‘s healthcare, would you be prepared to do so? The cost of Long-Term Care (LTC) is rising fast and so are the premiums. In some unfortunate cases, LTC premium prices have doubled in the last two years prompting some policy holders to make difficult decisions when it comes to out of pocket payouts for coverage. Recent statistics state that “a private room in a nursing home now costs consumers more than $8,000 a month. That’s an increase of 5.5% from just a year ago.” A recent Investment News article states that there are three letters that spark fear into all retirees, LTC. And, according to, “Nearly 70% of all people that live to the age of 65 will need some type of Long-Term Care.”


This week on the David Lukas Show David takes on the uncomfortable subject of elderly spouses and parents who currently require or may need some type of Long-Term healthcare. Throughout the hour David talks about how, if not financially prepared, life longevity can create a negative snowball affect not only on your retirement but also to the legacy you may be planning to leave behind.


Talking points discussed in today’s show:

-long-term care IS NOT covered by Medicare

-longevity planning plays a critical role for your retirement

-What to do when an elderly spouse or parent suffers from cognitive decline

-What happens when there’s an alzheimer’s diagnosis

-What are some possible warning signs of elder abuse and fraud


Also mentioned:

Forbes Articles discussed on the show:

#1 Relying Only On A Will

#2 Expecting Too Much From A Power Of Attorney

#3 Not Avoiding Probate

#4 Not Making Full Use Of A Living Trust

#5 Leaving Assets Outright To Adult Children

#6 Losing The Portability Of A Spouse’s Unused Exemption

#7 Leaving A Messy Estate

To hear all the excellent information from David Lukas of David Lukas Financial has regarding caring for your aging spouse or parent , listen to the entire episode today.


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To hear all the excellent information from David Lukas of David Lukas Financial has regarding your retirement, listen to the entire episode today.

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