Eight Habits of Successful Retirees

Saving for retirement alone, just isn’t enough anymore. In today’s financial environment one must have a secure distinct plan to retire successfully. Because it isn’t what is happening, currently, but what happens in a down market that can have a profound effect over your savings for the next decade.

This week on the David Lukas Show, David talks in depth about the common habits that prudent savers and successful retirees share in planning for retirement. These eight habits of successful retirees are:

  1. Comprising a thoughtful and comprehensive game plan
  2. Understanding of “risk tolerance” and knows exactly how much risk they are and are willing to take.
  3. They have a plan in place that optimizes their social security benefits
  4. They know how much they are paying in fees on their investments and how their advisors make their commissions
  5. They are proactive in preparing for taxes (current and future) and and saving on taxes where and when they can
  6. They have a diversified plan to generate income after retirement
  7. They have a plan to protect them from both rising healthcare costs and the crippling expense of long-term care costs
  8. They don’t have unrealistic expectations and live well within their means

To hear all of the valuable information that David Lukas has to give, listen to the entire show today.


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