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7 Costly Mistakes People Make with Their Money

From the time we’re old enough to walk, society teaches us to work hard, think for ourselves and above all else, never succumb to peer-pressure. Yet, as we grow older and less confident in ourselves, we find it easier to simply follow along with what everyone else is doing, a phenomenon known as the Herd Mentality. This phenomenon is most obvious when it comes to our money. Like clueless Cows led to slaughter we give the Financial World our money because that’s what everyone else is doing. The result: we all the sudden wake up to discover that they’ve made more money on our money than we have! If you’re tired of drinking downstream from the rest of the herd, then read this book. Don’t Follow the Herd will give you valuable insight into the Financial World and how to avoid the 7 Costly Mistakes that people make with their money.

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