Does Your Retirement Specialist Have the Chops?

Who’s planning your retirement? Can he or she be trusted? Is that somebody worthy of controlling your future? Does your retirement planner have the education and credentials to ensure that you’ll have income for life, WorryFree®?

This week, on the DL Show, our host David Lukas discusses and expands upon what a Retirement Income Specialist (RIS) is and what exactly it is that they do. So WHAT IS an RIS, you ask?

A Retirement Income Specialist is a professional that’s been trained to develop and implement comprehensive financial strategies for individuals, businesses, and organizations. He or she has the knowledge and skills to objectively assess your current financial status, identify potential problem areas, and recommend the appropriate options to take in planning for their clients financial futures.

Throughout the hour, David explains how Retirement Income Specalist are the only individuals truly qualified to help you create a personal budget, control expenses, and develop and implement plans for retirement, education, and/or wealth protection.

To hear all of David’s expert opinion, listen to the entire show today!

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