Does Your 401(k) Need A Reboot?

Currently, fifty two million Americans have 4.4 trillion dollars socked away in their 401(k) savings accounts. Right now, in our current up market, everyone’s probably pretty happy with their performance. But what would happen to your 401(k), specifically, if the market took a turn for the worst? Do you know how much of your money is at risk? Are you willing to lose up to half of it? Did you know that ignoring your 401(k) could cost you a fortune?

This week on the David Lukas Show, David tackles the subject of security in your 401(k) retirement, or as he affectionately calls it your government sanctioned tax postponement plan, and what you can do to be proactively protective of your assets. Throughout the hour, David talks about the seven things that you can do to reboot your 401(k) and keep things on track.


Specific items touched upon in today’s show:

  1. Figure out and know what your comfort level is with the investments you hold
  2. Putting in too little? See if your employer has a true up provision program for your 401k program (The feature, called a true up, allows employees to receive employer matches that they would have otherwise missed out on because of 401(k) front-loading or because they spread their 401(k) contributions out unevenly throughout the year-explanation via Google)
  3. Putting in too much? If your employer is unable to match your contributions, you may be missing out on funds that should be coming to you but won’t.
  4. Check the plan documents and know  what the plan rules are and think of them as the rulebook for your 401(k)
  5. Fine Tuning your contribution levels
  6. Research other, savings options for your retirement such as a Roth IRA or a specially designed life insurance contract…
  7. Know what requirements, penalties, and fees are applicable on RMDs (required minimum distributions)

To hear all of the highly informative information David has for you about rebooting your retirement, listen to the entire episode today.

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