David’s Guest: Dr. Regan Baber

This week, David is joined in the studio with Dr. Regan Baber. reagan-baber-lg-b05f6946

Dr. Baber will be one of the speakers at the upcoming 2013 Economic Freedom Summit.

Dr. Baber’s Session description at The 2013 Economic Freedom Summit:
It is hard for most people to believe that the all-mighty dollar could fail. But, it is an all too real possibility. This session will show you that it is not only possible, but likely to happen. However, you will also learn how to prepare and prosper from this event.

About Dr. Baber:

Dr. Reagan Baber studied medicine and completed his residency in anesthesiology at the University of Arkansas. Dr. Baber is now board certified by the American Board of Anesthesia. He is currently a senior partner of anesthesia at NEA Baptist Hospital in Jonesboro Arkansas.

In addition to being a successful physician he is also passionate about helping clients implement truly successful wealth creation and management strategies. Dr. Baber is an authorized practitioner through the Infinite Banking Institute, Director of Economics with Chandler Advisors, LLC, and a managing partner of Rahling Capital.

Dr. Baber has become passionate about Austrian economics and how it applies to our economy and how it can be applied to a family’s financial plan. He uses his role with Chandler Advisors to help educate clients about these important topics.

Come hear Dr. Baber speak at The 2013 Economic Freedom Summit. See a list of all of the speakers and Register before October the 2nd and save $100! Go to: EconomicFreedomSummit.com