The Circle Of Knowledge

If what you thought to be true turned out not to be, when would you want to know about it? David spends a few minutes talking about The Circle of Knowledge. There are three types of circle of knowledgeknowledge in the universe.

1. What you know to be true. I.E. You know the sky is blue.

2. What you don’t know. You know that it exist, but you don’t know much about it. You are consciously incompetent in these matters.  I.E. Brain Surgery.

3.  Everything else that is exist in the universe is what you are unconsciously incompetent in. This is related to topics you don’t even know exist. They reside in your blind spot. Your blinds spot can be likened to you driving down the interstate and you look in your rear view mirror. You don’t see anything. You then look in your side mirror and you still don’t see anything. You then look over your left shoulder and all of a sudden there’s a 3000 pound vehicle traveling at the same speed you are. Now the question is: Was that vehicle there all along, or did it appear just when you saw it? You see, that car is like the information in the universe, it’s out there traveling at the same speed as you are, but you have no awareness of it.

Is your income common, or uncommon? The answer may just surprise you.

three types of money

Tune in to hear David discuss the topic of being more efficient with your money. Where is the first place you focus on when looking to achieve a balanced cash flow model? What is a balanced cash flow model? When you are saving enough today to ensure that you can live at the same standard of living adjusted for inflation when you no longer have earned income. The vast majority of advisers will narrowly focus on the area of accumulated money. While this is certainly important, this is not the first place one should look to increase their wealth. This results in many taking unnecessarily risk with their money.

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