Changing The Way You Think About Your Money

David continues to talk about the three types of money and major wealth transfers.

Most in the financial industry focus on accumulated money. Specifically, to increase one’s accumulated money, the focus is usually on finding better investments that pay a higher rate of return, often requiring increasing the level of risk in the process.  Ask yourself this question: When someone advises you how to increase your investments, who’s money is at risk? Yours or theirs?

Often times, the advice one receives is to cut back on their standard of living and give up the luxuries they currently enjoy. By far the most common strategy to increase one’s assets is to go on a financial diet and cut back on spending one’s lifestyle money. For many people the thought of giving up today to build for tomorrow is the only strategy they believe is available.  This thought is so stressful that it can keep even those who want to save from taking any action at all. This often brings us back to the position of trying to find better investments to make our money grow.

There are many ways to increase your wealth. One way is to be more efficient with the money you already have. 

Are you focusing on the wrong money? The answer lies in your TRANSFERRED money. Money that is already passing through your hands, but that is being lost through wealth transfers. The two biggest wealth transfers are your mortgage, specifically the way you go about managing your equity. The 2nd major wealth transfer for most people is their taxes. Most people are not aware of the strategies available to drastically reduce the amount taxes they end up paying over a life time.

Listen in as you will learn about strategies that allow you to recapture hundreds of thousands of dollars of transferred money.

What strategy do you have to minimize your wealth transfers? Transfers that most likely you aren’t even aware of. There is a better way.

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