Here’s To Your Business!

The value of your business is larger than some and certainly some businesses are larger than yours. There is one thing that all business owners have in common and that is they want their business to grow! If you are a self-employed business… (Read more)

The Number Twelve

Many things are associated with the number twelve. There are twelve months in a year, you can buy cookies, doughnuts and eggs by the dozen, and of course, there’s the twelve days of Christmas. There’s also that elusive 12% average… (Read more)

Opportunity Cost and Compounding Interest

What is opportunity cost? Simply stated, if you have a dollar today and you transfer it to someone else, not only did you lose that dollar, but also what that dollar could have earned you over time had you not given it… (Read more)

Achieving The Lowest Interest Rate

For most consumers, the most important part of finding the right mortgage is convincing themselves they have found the “lowest” interest rate. This is understandable, as the interest rate is certainly is an important component of the mortgage. Obviously the… (Read more)

Who’s Future Are You Financing?

It is no secret that our federal debt is growing at a break neck speed. Our federal government is borrowing over $40,000 per second more than they take in tax revenues. A few months back, I had the opportunity to… (Read more)