How You Can Avoid The Five Critical Mistakes People Make In Retiring

You only get one chance at retiring. Whether you like it or not, you are indeed in the game of finance. The real trick is to play it smart so that you can enjoy retirement instead of spending your time worrying.  After spending most of your life working the last thing you want is to be full of life but potentially flat broke.

Man and Question Marks

This week on the David Lukas Show, our host David Lukas talks about the five most common critical mistakes people make before and at the life changing event of retirement.


The top 5 mistakes mentioned:

  1. Not knowing how and when to claim Social Security
  2. Not having an estate plan
  3. Taking on more risk on investments than you know or need to
  4. Not having an insurance policy/contract  (annuity) in your retirement
  5. Not having a thoughtful diverse and comprehensive retirement plan


To hear all the excellent information that David Lukas of David Lukas Financial has about planning proactively for retirement, listen to the entire show today.


Q&A with David: Questions asked and  on today’s show.

Gentleman, Central Arkansas

My wife is 62 and is not working. She is eligible for her own benefits. I am 62 and I have no intention of claiming my benefits until the full retirement age (66). It seems like it would make sense for my wife to start claiming her benefits…then upon her full retirement age, claiming her spousal benefit based on the 50% of my full age retirement benefit. Is there any penalty for her claiming her benefits based on her work history now…then claiming her spousal benefits later?

Listen to David’s advice on this question today!


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