Broke In Retirement— Happens More Than You Think!

It happens all the time. More and more retirees and/or soon to be retirees don’t have the savings to retire without going back to work or, to their surprise, they’re outliving their money. Planning proactively is the best most effective way to save and prepare for the future.

broke-retiredThroughout the hour, David talks about how important it is to plan proactively for retirement. He explains that having a strategy can be the difference between living securely and living in squaller. Here are David’s…

Top 9 Reasons People Go Broke in Retirement:

  • Not having a comprehensive game plan.
  • Not planning for rising healthcare costs.
  • Not having a strategy in claiming Social Security benefits at the optimal time.
  • Fees that whittle your savings down to cents. Unnecessary fees with no value in return can drastically affect your investments in retirement.
  • Having too much money in the Market with high risk investments.
  • Living a lot longer than expected.
  • Not planning on the taxes that will be paid according to the type of retirement account held. (not coordinating withdrawals of various accounts)
  • Not having a diversified portfolio.
  • Ignoring taxes all together

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Remember, it is possible to generate income after retirement. You just need to plan with someone who knows how to get you there.

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