Attention: Wall Street’s Message is Geared Toward Investors and Speculators—NOT Savers!

So many of us live trapped within the world of Behavioral Finance. Unfortunately, the decisions we make ourselves, as investors, or with the help of financial advisors may not be in our best vested interests.

investor-gambleOn this week’s installment of the David Lukas Show, David and Zach talk about how the different Behavioral Finance theories (like Heuristics, Herd Instincts, etc.…) all still lead to the same universal question: “Why do investors still end up making irrational market mistakes?” The answer is easy. Most investors aren’t true investors—they’re savers.

3-personalities-footer-adThroughout the program, the point David frequently makes is that it takes a certain type of personality to be either an investor or a speculator. Neither of those traits match the financial personality traits of a saver.

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