Are You Emotionally Invested in Wall Street?

Have you been duped into believing that you’re an investor instead of a saver? Does Wall Street have you convinced that in order to make money in the market you must be resigned to high fees and opportunity loss?

stressed-investorListen to David and his co-host for this episode, Zach, talk about the psychological factors that investors find themselves yielding too within the volatility of Wall Street. During this hour of the DL Show, David explains the damage that can be done to your portfolio with a “throw it in the market and leave it there” type mentality.

According to David, many investors may not realize just how difficult it is to make up for loss in the market. On an investment, a 50% loss would require a 100% gain in the following year just to break even.

This phenomenon, known as “negative compounding”, is rare like market stability and not the usual outcome. Unfortunately, most market losses are lost forever. And just exactly what is the cost of opportunity lost? As far as your retirement is concerned — TOO MUCH!

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