Are You Banking On A WorryFree® Retirement?

Political season is upon us. And both sides, Democrats and Republicans, are scrambling for solutions to fix our country’s financial future. Both sides seem to know  and understand that something economically bad is imminent—it’s just a matter of time.

This week on the David Lukas Show, our host David first discusses the article Trump: the economic bubble about to burst, written by By Kevin Cirilli and Bob Cusack, and explains why this is relevant to Savers. The article is an exclusive interview, featuring GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, in which Trump warns American citizens that “ a looming economic recession is coming.” In the article, Trump also argues that the stock market has already entered into another bubble. (Click on the article’s name above to read.)

As David has mentioned to his listeners before, the banking industry is in the business of building upon and protecting their interests (or interest: $$) —not yours. So where have most Savers traditionally told other Savers to put their money? In the bank of course! But don’t worry. You have other options. Options that earn you interest and protect your hard-earned retirement funds from some of the ugly surprises that can happen after retirement.

For more information about Bank’s Valuation of Money vs. Insurance Company’s Click here!

During the second half of the show, David addresses another listener’s question about retirement:

senior man thinking about somethingI’m 64 in three months with a retirement age of 66. I’m considering retirement at 65, in 4 months, which is early. I’ll be eligible for Medicare this year, I’ve a 401k, Whole Life that will mature at 65, and I’ll be debt free. How can I make Social Security work and not worry about tax issues with the 401k and the life insurance?
—Scott from Hot Springs, AR.

To hear valuable insights from David—the retirement expert, listen to the entire show today! Tune in next week to hear what David has to say about Social Security and the taxation involved.

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As Promised, below is the chart that David mentioned during this broadcast. This chart puts to bed the notion that The Feds Printing spree hasn’t inflated the stock markets. The Red Line is the S&P 500, The Blue line is The Fed’s total assets held. Thoughts? (comment below)

fed chart