Annuities Demystified!

Did you know that the ever-popular annuity was actually a contract created during Roman times as a safe option to preserve peoples wealth?

roman-currencyThese “contracts” during the Emperor’s time were known as annua, or “annual stipends” in Latin. The concept was that Roman citizens would make a one-time payment, or investment, to the annua, in exchange for lifetime payments made back to them, the investors, once a year.

So it’s safe to say that the concept of Mailbox Money® originated during Roman times? Right? Right!

In this week’s installment of the David Lukas show, David and Zach demystify the cryptic annuity and explain how they are perfectly tailored for savers.

Throughout the hour, David and Zach discuss how different people have different needs and that having only one type of annuity for everyone to choose from would be folly. Thankfully there are three options currently available: the fixed annuity, the variable annuity, and the fixed indexed annuity.

annuity-decision-guideUnfortunately, there are many common misunderstandings of annuities because they have been both highly misused by financial advisors and investors alike. Because annuities can be complex, understanding the fine points is paramount!

In order to make informed decisions about money, it is necessary to know the good the bad and the ugly details of the plans you are making. We, at David Lukas Financial, have the knowledge to take you and your retirement to the next level of security with the WorryFree Retirement® plan. WorryFree Retirement® is a streamlined and proven plan that implements the steps necessary to ensure the sleep insurance® needed to enjoy your life—after work.

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