401k—Yey! What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Is following the herd what’s best for you? Do you wake up at night worrying about the hits your 401k may be taking with the Market?

no-moreThis week on the David Lukas Show, our host asks his listeners, “what is your 401k doing for you?” Because when it comes to retirement, most Americans have done little more than the basics. In fact, millions have contributed, monthly, to their 401k, (or as David affectionately calls a tax-postponement plan.)

Throughout the hour, David talks about what’s waiting for you when you’re ready or need to collect on your 401k and explains all the different actions needed to minimize taxes and avoid fees and penalties. David talks about how tax-diversification can be the key to retiring WorryFree®.

Just as someone shouldn’t put all of their hopes into one dream, a retiree shouldn’t put all of his or her money into one product. Penalties, fees, RMDs (required minimum distributions) and the possibility of having to pay within a higher tax bracket are just a few of the MANY reasons why every retiree and future retiree needs a solid game plan for their retirement.

So if 401k’s aren’t the best option for you in retirement, then what are your options? Here a just a few discussed in today’s show:

  • Roth IRA
  • An annuity
  • Other tax-advantaged alternative assets classes that are often overlooked.

To hear all of David’s helpful advice listen to the entire episode today!

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