♪Don’t Worry! Be Savvy♪—With Your Retirement

Everyone’s vision for his or her future is different. For some, there’s travel and leisure on the retirement horizon. For others, it’s mission work or community service that’s planned when work no longer occupies so much time.

jamaica-retirementThis week, on the David Lukas Show, Zach and David discuss both what it means and what it takes to clarify your retirement vision. Because whatever the current retirement plan may be, for any of us, there’s one thing that is certain. With the right planning, anyone can retire WorryFree®.

Because worry is a direct result of fear, David and Zach know the key information that savers need to prepare for their second half of life and, ultimately, a fearless future. No longer must we buy into the notion of a one size fits all retirement plan.

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worryfree-retirement-3dThe book discussed and given away during this weeks show:

The WorryFree Retirement®, written by Tony Walker, David’s business partner and mentor, will give you a practical and simple method for dealing with what’s worrying you most, and how to begin doing something about it. You’ll gain a new and more positive perspective on retirement, and the rest of your life.

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